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Some food eat much can destroy a tooth, can let a tooth blacken even become yellow. Do you know what to food can damage dental health?

It is very important that protective tooth adjusts food, want limitation to absorb the food that can stimulate a tooth to ache and beverage, include coke, orangeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Beverage of juice, cider, acerbity fruit juice and fruit, acidity soda, hot food, pickle, wine kind (especially red wine) wait, because these food can dissolve the pollution layer of a flaw in a piece of jade of dental surface, bring about tooth essence canaliculus to open, aggravating tooth is substaintialLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Have the habit that brushs his teeth everyday, not all nevertheless friend has the habit of the gargle after the meal, actually if we think the oral cavity that protects our is healthy, with respect to the habit that must develop the gargle after him meal, ate 10 kinds of food below especially, must remember gargle gargle.

1. sweet vinegar

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Sweet vinegar color is deeper, contain a variety of acidity material, bring about a tooth easily to become angry. Sweet vinegar can eat together with lettuce, of lettuce cut off rightShanghai night net

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The tooth has protective effect.

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Should avoid jealous, vinegar because can bate skeleton and take off calcium, destroy the calcic element dynamic equilibrium inside human body, meeting hurried hair and aggravating osteoporosis, scotch limbs aching and limp, aching aggravate, fracture cannot cicatrization tardy.

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